New Vehicle Extended Coverage

New vehicles come from the factory with a warranty. This warranty gives you mechanical protection for non wear and tear or service items the first few years of the vehicle’s life, then the limited powertrain warranty kicks in for several years more covering components such as the lubricated parts of the engine, drive train, and transmission.

Why Do I Need Extended Mechanical Coverage? Don’t I Have Coverage Now?

Yes, you have coverage now. However, even with good maintenance, the best-built machines break down as they get older. The full warranty on your vehicle expires after the first few years. Components like fuel pumps, power steering, alternators, water pumps, window regulators, sunroof modules, air conditioning, brake calipers, abs brake modules, radio, air bag systems, electronic ignition modules, and more will cost you out of pocket to repair when your vehicle is out of warranty. Purchasing an extended mechanical coverage plan now will cover these components when your vehicle’s warranty expires later. No one wants to make a repair payment on top of a car payment.

Can’t I Buy That Coverage At A Later Date, Like Right Before My Warranty Expires?

You could, if you want to pay more, for less coverage. Right when you purchase your new vehicle is the best time to get the lowest cost for the most coverage. As your vehicle ages the cost of mechanical coverage goes up. One, for the simple fact that prices of goods and services go up all the time and two, you are getting closer to the time you will need the coverage so those prices go up and the level, term, and percentage of coverage drops. On top of that, many customers forget to purchase the coverage later and when their warranty expires and they have a broken part or repair it is too late.

How Can I Pay For It?

You can add it to your finance contract and include it in with your monthly payment so you don’t have to pay for the whole plan up front now or later.

Is It Expensive?

It is more affordable than you think. It all depends on the vehicle you are purchasing, deductible, term, mileage, and level of coverage. Interested in New Vehicle Extended Coverage from Markley Motors? Click or call us to speak with a Markley Motors Business Manager to choose the right Honda, GMC, or Buick coverage and price out your Honda, GMC, or Buick plan before you purchase your new vehicle.