Restore, repair, renew your leased vehicle from Markley Motors in Fort Collins. LR3 Coverage restores your vehicle to original condition, renews the look and feel, and gets your vehicle return ready at the end of your lease. Enjoy the benefits of your leased vehicle without the uncertainty of end lease costs. With LR3, just return and walk away. No need to drive around with unsightly damage waiting for repair coverage at the end of your lease. LR3 gives you coverage from the moment you leave the dealership in your new leased vehicle. Renew your appearance right away!

LR3 Offers two coverage levels. Ask your dealership representative which coverage is right for you.

Coverage at a Glance:

  • Paintless Dent Repair
  • Windshield Repair / Replacement
  • Carpet / Seat Rips, Tear and Stain Repair
  • Alloy Wheel Repair
  • Minor Paint Damage
  • Missing Parts
  • Tail, Turn Signal and Brake Light Bulbs
  • Lenses of Head Lamps, Running Lights and Fog Lights
  • Audio Equipment
  • Tire Road Hazards*
  • Belts and Hoses*
  • Convertible and Vinyl Tops*
  • Brake Pads*

(* Platinum Coverage must be purchased for coverage)


  • Consumers are responsible for repairing vehicles prior to turning it in at the end of the lease which could end up costing them thousands.
  • LR3 covers lease vehicles during the term of their loan so repairs can be done right away to avoid having to drive around with unsightly repairs.
  • Customers can choose from Premium or Platinum coverage to better meet their lease protection needs.
  • LR3 repairs vehicles with NO deductibles.

Immediate Benefit:

  • Brings the customer back to the dealership for repairs (some repairs are completed by repair network).
  • Returned vehicles arrive back at the dealership in peak condition.
  • Terms up to 48-months.
  • Underwritten and administered by an “A” rated insurer; Virginia Surety, Inc.

How does it Work?

LR3 is designed specifically for leased vehicles and provides repairs services that facilitate the customer’s repair needs throughout their lease term by restoring the vehicle to acceptable lease return conditions. Consumers will receive up to 13 components covered including Dents, Stains, Audio Equipment, Tire Road Hazard, Belts and Hoses, and Brake Pads to name a few. The contract is filed as a vehicle service contract and does not amend the lease agreement. A repair network has been secured to repair items 1 – 5 under terms and conditions. Claims must be submitted 30–days prior to the end of the lease.


Q: What is covered under the LR3 program?
A: Paintless dent and ding repair, windshield repair/replacement, carpet/seats rips, tears and stain repair, alloy wheel repair, paint damage, missing parts, tail, turn and brake light bulbs, lenses of headlights, running lights and fog lights, audio equipment, tire road hazard, chrome, moldings and trim, belts and hoses, convertible and vinyl tops and brake pads (verify coverage details on contract).

Q: Is there a limit to the number of repairs that can be made?
A: Yes, various coverage components have aggregate limits with a total contract claim aggregate of $3,000.

Q: Where will the repair work be performed?
A: The repair work is performed at the selling dealership. This process is designed to deepen the relationship with the dealer.

Q: What is the maximum coverage term?
A: Designed to match lease terms, this programs maximum term is 48 months.

Q: Is this program cancellable?
A: Yes. Please refer to the agreement for specific cancellation instructions as well as state specific cancellation provisions.

Q: Where can a customer view program terms and conditions prior to purchasing LR3?
A: Please refer the customer to our LR3 brochure for a summary and to the LR3 contract for full details.

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