Top Quality Products: Our auto glass shop in Fort Collins uses high-quality, fast curing urethane when replacing your windshield. Some of the other companies trim costs and use a low-grade urethane, that takes longer to cure. We use only the best.

Any Windshield: As long as it is still being made, we can get it here for you. We stock most current model windshields. If we don’t have it we can get it for you, fast!

Repairs: We do chip and small crack repairs. This may be covered under your insurance policy, to prevent the chip or crack from spreading. We work with most insurance carriers.

Fast Service: We can usually get you in the next day. Please allow about two hours for us to replace your windshield.

Service You Can Trust: With over 74-years of doing business in Fort Collins, Markley Motors has a reputation for great service and bodywork. Our staff is fully trained and can offer you one convenient location for all of your automotive needs.

Not Just Windshields: We can also replace side glass, back glass, 1/4 vent glass, and rear glass.

Insurance Approved: If you have a low deductible, windshield deductible, or full replacement policy, we work with most insurance carriers so you can be in-and-out quicker.

Windshield Tips

Here are some tips to follow after you have your windshield replaced:

  • Leave the tape on for 24-hours, until the urethane cures.
  • Take the tape off before 48-hours
  • Keep a window slightly cracked, so the pressure when you close the door does not push on the windshield.
  • Do not go through a car wash for 24-hours.

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