Don’t Forget These Things When Buying A Car

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Have you ever walked into a room to pick something up and immediately forgotten what you’re looking for as soon as you walk through the door? It always seems to happen when you’re trying to remember something especially important.

Of course, this feeling doesn’t stop when you leave the house, and you might experience that same sense of forgetfulness when you walk into a car dealership to buy a new car. But forgetting what you’re looking for, and which questions to ask can make your car buying endeavors more complicated than they need to be.

That’s why we’ve put together this quick-hitting checklist for you to peruse and use the next time you come see us at Markley Motors!

Learn a Little More About the Dealership

Not all dealerships are alike. Some treat their customers with respect while others can be quite pushy. Unfortunately, you won’t always be able to judge a book by its cover just by scoping out the exterior of the dealership. Instead, you’ll have to look for reviews of the dealership and read about other customer experiences. Ask your friends and family where they got their vehicles and if they had a good experience. Use search engines like Google and check their reviews. Other review platforms, like Top Rated Local® compile reviews from dozens of sites, so you can get an accurate assessment of the dealership at a glance.

Run a Vehicle History Check

Any more, reliable car dealers will hand you a vehicle history report before you even ask to test drive the car. This is really handy, especially if you’re in the market for a pre-owned vehicle. Rather than just inspecting the bodywork and staring at the engine, the vehicle history will outline the ownership and repair history of the vehicle. It can also tell you if the vehicle has a salvage title, which could impact the price and your ability to get insurance for it.

Carfax and Autocheck are great sources for vehicle history reports.

Take a Test Drive

Buying a car isn’t like buying a box of cereal. There’s more to a vehicle than just a flashy paint job and set of shiny rims. You have to try it before you buy it. When you test drive the vehicle, take it for a drive that you might usually make throughout the week. So if that’s in rush hour traffic, sorry, you’ll have to subject yourself to that. As you drive, check for things like visibility, how responsive the brakes and steering are, how easy it is to use the infotainment system, and more. As you drive, now’s a good time to ask the sales consultant about the car and any questions you might have about it.

Ask a Friend

We’ve all got a friend who just seems to know a lot about cars. Whether they take them to race days, rebuild their engines from the ground up, or they have a stack of magazines about cars sitting on their kitchen table, you’ll want to consult this friend when discussing your car buying decision. You might like a certain vehicle, but they might know one that suits you better.

Alternatively, ask a friend who knows even less about cars than you. They might listen to the way you describe your options, and they’ll look for different features than you. You might be surprised at what they point out and why it’s a good fit for you!

Check Your Credit Score

If you’ve already test driven the vehicle and you’re ready to buy, make sure you check your credit score before you start asking to fill out paperwork. If you’ve let other dealers check your credit score previously, you might have a lower rating than you realize. By knowing your credit score, you’ll have a better understanding of what your financing and leasing options might look like. The higher your score, the better rates and terms the dealer will offer you.



And Don’t Forget To Visit Markley Motors

Of course, the easiest thing to take care of on this checklist is to make a stop at Markley Motors! We’ve served the Fort Collins community since 1936. With a wide selection of new and pre-owned Buick, GMC, and Honda vehicles, we can help you find a car that’ll leave a lasting memory!

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