Don’t Fall for These 7 Car Salesperson Myths

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Thanks, perhaps, to movies, TV shows, and bad Google reviews, car sales consultants have a pretty bad rap. As a result, many have a negative opinion of car salespeople and put on their guard whenever they walk into a car dealership. But the truth is, many of these perceptions are based on myth rather than reality.

Markley Motors in Fort Collins has served the community since 1936. In that time, we’ve made sure to hire only the most competent and capable sales consultants we can. As such, we think we’re the exception to the norm, so today we thought we would go over seven of the most common car salesperson myths we hear.

Myth #1: They’re Only Interested in Your Money

This myth likely has its genesis in someone’s bad experience at a car dealership. There’s a common perception that car dealers are untrustworthy and are only really interested in how much you can pay them. Nevermind that a car dealership that is focused purely on extracting your hard earned cash from you won’t last as a business, but the reality is that most car dealers are interested in building a lasting relationship with their customers. They want to help them get the most car for their money so that they come back in the future for the next car purchase.

Myth #2: All Car Salespersons Look a Little Skeezy

The common car dealer trope in media is of someone with slicked-back hair in a shabby jacket sporting a toothpick in their mouth. We’re sure you can still find some of these individuals at used car lots throughout the country, but we think it’s safe to say that this look died in the 1970s and for good reason. In our Fort Collins car dealership, you’ll find sales consultants who take pride in their appearance and their professional demeanor.

Myth #3: Car Dealerships Add Hidden Fees to Make Higher Commissions

We hear it all the time from our customers that they went to another dealership and found a great car for a great price. But when they started negotiating for the purchase of the car, the price seemed to creep up for inexplicable reasons. In most cases, this increase in price is often due to dealer fees, state fees and taxes, and any other accessories or programs you purchase.

Myth #4: You Aren’t Getting the Best Price on Your Trade In

For many people, one of the best ways to make a new car purchase possible is to trade in their existing vehicle. But many people, rightfully so, are worried that the dealership will not give them a fair price for their car. Others are afraid that they will get lowballed only so the dealership can sell the car to someone else later at a markup.

The fact is, any dealership is going to try and sell your used car for more than they paid for it. It’s just how this business works. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t get a great price for it anyway. At Markley Motors, we want to offer you an accurate appraisal of the worth of your vehicle. It’s why we use the True Market Value Tool from Edmunds. As the northern Colorado regions largest used car dealer, we’re always looking for new vehicles to refresh our inventory, so we’re more than willing to give you a great price on your trade-in.

Myth #5: They Won’t Give You a Price Quote Over the Phone

At some dealerships, their sales consultants might tell you that they can’t give you a quote over the phone and that you have to see them in-person at the lot. In many cases, this is just a trick to pressure you into a sale situation that you might not be interested in. Anymore, the use of internet pricing makes this myth a near non-issue. A sneaky sales tactic like this is no longer in the interest of the dealership as it can sour a relationship with the potential customer fast.

Myth #6: They’ll Pressure You Into Expensive Maintenance and Protection Packages

There is no denying that buying a car can be a truly costly endeavor. For many, any time a sales consultant suggests a protection package or dealer maintenance plan the added costs can leave the car buyer uncomfortable. In fact, some find the idea of paying for these packages outrageous. But once the sticker shock has worn off you might find that these programs and packages are actually a great way to care for your new vehicle purchase. An investment at the time of purchase can help you save money in the long-term care of your car.

Myth #7: Dealers Aren’t Interested in Which Car You Want

There’s no denying that certain models and makes of vehicles don’t sell as well as others. In moments like these, car dealers might feel pressured to try and sell these vehicles in order to hit sales quotas or goals set by manufacturers. As a result, you might find pushy car salesmen who will steer you toward a vehicle that is too large, too small or just plain not right for your needs. That said, it’s in the best interest of the car dealership for them to carefully listen to what your needs are for your new vehicle. By working with you to find the right vehicle the first time, you’re more likely to purchase a car, which helps both you and the dealership.

Find Your Next Vehicle at Markley Motors in Fort Collins

The only myth you’ll find that Markley Motors is our mythic service. We treat all of our customers like family, ensuring that they get the best car buying experience possible. We carry the brands that you know and trust, like Buick, GMC, and Honda. Plus we back our purchases with our incredible promise, the Markley Difference. You’ll enjoy benefits like a seven-year, 100,000-mile extended vehicle coverage. It also includes a 72-hour “love it or leave it” exchange policy, free car washes, guaranteed repairs, and free loaner cars while yours is in our auto shop.

Stop by our car dealership in Fort Collins today and experience the Markley Difference for yourself.

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