Welcome back to the Markley Motors blog! In our last blog post, we discussed the top five causes of accidents, one of them being the fall and winter weather that is well on its way here in Fort Collins. Due to the weather conditions that we experience, accidents happen even with our best intentions to avoid them. However, some fall maintenance can help us stay out of harm’s way. Today, on our blog, we are going to discuss a few maintenance tips to keep you safe and on your way, no matter the weather. 

5 Fall Car Maintenance Tips

Often, seasonal maintenance can not only keep your car running like it should, but it can keep you and your loved ones safe. Here are some recommended fall car maintenance must to dos now. 

Replace Your Wipers

Our wipers do a lot for us. They help to clean away bugs and other debris that happen to obscure our windshields, as well as clear away rain and snow when it is storming. You know it’s time to retire your current set of wipers when they are streaking, squeaking, or smearing instead of clearing your windshield adequately. 

Top Off Your Fluids

You should also top off your fluids before winter storms come. It is important to make sure not only that you have enough wiper fluid to wipe away the slush and snow, but also be sure to change your coolant and other fluids as winter temperatures may require different types for the best performance. 

Change Your Oil

If you haven’t changed your oil in a while it might be time to do so. Check your oil before fall and winter so that you can make sure that your vehicle performs at its best and you can get to where you’re going all winter season long.  

Check Your Tires

It’s also incredibly important that you check your tires. You should observe your tires’ tread and air pressure. Both are key to maintaining grip and traction. However, your tread has to be up to par to drive safely on the roads all winter long: the tread on your tires should measure at least 2/32 of an inch. 

Test Your Battery

You also should  test your battery. If you have a newer car, chances are your battery is in perfect working order. However, if your car is five to 10 years old, it is best to have your battery tested. Colder temperatures can significantly affect the performance of your battery and can cause old batteries to die. Don’t get stranded this winter — get your battery fixed!  

Stop By Our Service Center!

If you want to make sure your car is up to par this winter, bring it into one of our service centers in Fort Collins to our Honda dealership or GMC dealership! Or if you are ready to upgrade to a winter-ready car such as an SUV, crossover, or truck this fall, shop with us! We always provide great prices and service for our customers.